Protect Kids
Please read the guideline bellow to Protect your Children and Family while using

We have created the website with the intention to help you to enrich your knowledge in the most vital but personal part of your life. We tried to make the learning process full of fun. But while doing so we can’t ignore the safety of your family and also we earnestly believe that protecting your children from inapt online resources is our moral obligation. With this intention we have created this guideline to help parents to enjoy our site and at the same time understand how to protect their children from getting access to it.

: Here are the suggestive guidelines :
  1. May be you are sharing the same computer with your children at home or you have the separate provision for your children. hatever it may be, it is always better to restrict the usage of your computers during the hours when you are away from your home. You can do this by protecting your system with a password that only you know and occasionally change it. Some Internet Service Providers, which connect your computer to the Internet, also have the facility of content filtering system. Check with your provider whether they offer such service.
  2. You can supervise your children’s Internet surfing by enabling the history feature of your Internet browser software. By this way you will be able to view the list of the websites visited through the browser.
  3. You can impose more restrictions by installing parental control software on your computer. Parental control software works by jamming access to specific websites and their various contents. Filtering software works by blocking specific websites tried to be found based on some typical keywords like “sex”, “violence”, “drug” etc or other relevant adult oriented keywords. Most of them contain a long list of such keywords inappropriate for children as their in-built feature with configurability facility. Means, you can also configure the list of keywords as per your preferences. This software has normally online updating facility, so that you have always the latest version installed in your computer. Using these customized programs you can implement tight content filtering for your children and at the same time can set it not to filter anything when you log on to the system. Even you can tune some software to block sending personal information form your system without your consent.
  4. But al these devices are virtually useless unless you educate your children about the usage of the Internet. First of all you have to behave as a friend with your children and frequently talk to them regarding this issue. This will help them to erase the tendency of concealing anything obnoxious they encountered while surfing the Internet. Tell them not to pass any information to anybody over the Internet in your absence and without your consent. Educate them about the possible dangers may arise out of this and how the harmful elements pretend as friend to the children by luring them. Probably this is the best way to keep children away from adult websites.

Though there are lot of such devices available online, for your help we are providing URLs of some useful websites as below: